To make strategic innovation work, OSI features a mix of current knowledge and relevant tools.

InnovoGraph supports those with strategy responsibilities, their teams, and their business ecosystems.

Open Strategic Innovation involves the total organization and organization ecosystem.

Finding new and renewing value deserves an effective and efficient process.

Innovation is a powerful force. Innovation works for a variety of sectors, with the right strategy. Keep your core strong with an agile approach.


Research shows that private industry, nonprofits and government agencies will be looking to stakeholder collaboration and running operations as Connected Strategists from 2014 onward to remain visible and avoid obsolescence. InnovoGraph co-creates value futures with our client strategists. InnovoGraph techniques acquired through intense research and our flexible tools combining strategy, innovation and design thinking support positive outcomes. InnovoGraph gives flow to consistent client success by making strategy modes and innovation concepts tangible and engaging.


Strategists recognize a system that converts strategy discussion into operating reality is a vital resource. Strategists understand one original plan that lasts five years won't do today. They understand strategy and innovation are about maneuverability, intelligence gathering, finding and transforming resources. Strategists know strategic innovation means finally choosing a future and taking the next steps to get there. InnovoGraph supports strategists in controlling tasks while designing and deploying activities linked valuable new opportunities.


Design thinking for strategic innovation should include deep idea investigation, use current technique, and be efficient in terms of framework and ideal technology. 'Living documents' are often imagined as strategic plans and business plans. So how do we do that in the new social business era? Spend more on IT? InnovoGraph's Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) method keeps the form and intent of your strategic innovations secure with a visual management system. Information and decision rights are managed using maps. The compartmented social business platform is a balance of freeform engagement around content and governing policies.

Strategic Innovation

InnovoGraph supports strategists, their teams, and business ecosystems with great ideas and an efficient, deployable management system augmenting finance, standard social media and office applications. It's important InnovoGraph leaves clients with an interactive system for continued success versus just a report and PowerPoint presentation.

InnovoGraph supports Connected Strategists, their teams, their customers and stakeholders, with strategy and innovation capabilities that protects the mission and expands profits.

The InnovoGraph approach to strategic innovation keeps activity within context; enhances the transformation of information into wisdom; and supports strategists in being energized, connected, and more ready to develop their value offers and act on opportunity. InnovoGraph supported strategists manage value with a visual management system linked to a Future of Work social business platform.

We can expect continuous change over the next twenty years. Working with InnovoGraph means gaining systemic innovation capabilities. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work.



InnovoGraph’s Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) approach does what innovation support and management systems are meant to do: organize and process information, resources and complexity for strategic innovation value. OSI is a system for strategic innovation.

OSI uses Podio as a tailored, low adoption cost social business platform and MindJet as a visual management system. Effective OSI adoption generates strategic intelligence and more controlled value-oriented activities with reduced program implementation costs.

Project management matters. Adding an approach to strategy and an innovation-biased management system means projects built on greater opportunities and profitability. OSI on MindJet templates include value-generating prompts based on the best current management research. When it comes to MindJet, don't think mind-mapping for brainstorming alone. MindJet has sophisticated analytical capabilities.

OSI represents the knowledge and capability of InnovoGraph and clients loaded into a social business environment. More individuals, organizations and their initiatives can benefit from strategic innovation management with OSI. InnovoGraph produces specific deliverables in the way of reports or other activities. Dialogue, content and projects generated during InnovoGraph engagements are left with the client in an interactive format.