“Technology is helping every business, large and small to move forwards, which will only increase in the coming year. Now, entrepreneurs can build companies at a fraction of the cost in the past. All of the little things that used to add up to big headaches for new businesses, from accounting to website development, are now available to small businesses, giving them the same capabilities as large enterprises at a cost they can afford. Because of this, new entrepreneurs have more time to think about the bigger picture and work out how to grow their business, rather than fretting about every detail.”

– Richard Branson, Big Ideas 2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur

With InnovoGraph, our clients get the coordinating power of being Connected Strategists as we all individually and collectively navigate the techniques and strategic innovation challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


InnovoGraph capabilities statement

InnovoGraph and Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) is more than engaging in a productivity versus value creation conversation. InnovoGraph supports strategists with value-amplifying strategy, innovation and design capabilities. OSI links great ideas and people to a strategic innovation structuring engine.

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Supporting the evolution of client strategy and their Connected Strategist roles with relevant research, discovery and design capabilities. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work by supporting the delivery of solutions responsible business, nonprofits and government organizations seek out and their stakeholders are in need of.


InnovoGraph applies integrity, trust-creation and ownership, openness, individual and team excellence, use of critique not attack, being an innovation example, being an example of strategy, and being respectful, being sustainable and defending the vulnerable in all activities. InnovoGraph is committed to the value creation, delivery and capture needs of our customers and partners.

InnovoGraph is passionate, knowledgable and skilled strategic innovation. InnovoGraph shares strategic innovation capabilities and co-creates value futures with audacious, insightful program and service design. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work.

InnovoGraph takes on big challenges, and does everything possible to support clients in seeing them through. InnovoGraph remains accountable to our customers, the project stakeholders, partners, and InnovoGraph talent by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality in management consulting service.


InnovoGraph uses Future of Work solutions to work out the engagement details. These tools can be incorporated into the client strategic innovation capability. InnovoGraph wants to get your organization to the desired future state and deliver these new capabilities in a manner you and staff can run with autonomous of InnovoGraph. By having a fresh, yet highly knowledgeable and powerful approach to management consulting we look forward to coming back for a new project and winning your referral.

We know how to make these engagements work well for the client. It’s always exciting to learn about what our next client’s goals are and to catch up on results associated with recent engagements. InnovoGraph is ready to assist in developing your innovation and opportunity roadmap.


InnovoGraph is a learning organization when it comes to strategic innovation so you can focus on your core capabilities verus learning yet another discipline. At the same time InnovoGraph understands innovation challenges when it comes to experimenting with existing strategies and the ‘real versus IT’ management systems and market ecosystem issues we all face today. InnovoGraph is dedicated to making sustained value performance something the client does more efficiently and with greater confidence. An InnovoGraph engagement or series of engagements are designed to leave new capabilities on site.



InnovoGraph does innovation on purpose versus waiting for the benefits of trial and error exercises and other unmanaged processes to kick in. Isn’t expanding on your existing core capabilities and opportunities something to be done on purpose versus by accident or merely asking for the new or renewing upside? Ask InnovoGraph. That’s the first step in getting to a pathway to ‘better’.

Much of the InnovoGraph capability comes from project management as well as both research and inherent skill with strategy and innovation issues. What InnovoGraph doesn’t provide in the way of industry specific specialization, we are ready to bring in the right expertise or work with your team to get the job done right.

Technique and capabilities, polices and a management system create, deliver and capture value. Idea production and sorting alone are not sufficient.

InnovoGraph’s consulting strategy is original, yet fundamentally based in a mix of business trends—eliminating the weaker inputs—and the best new research on innovation and management. InnovoGraph is here to co-create with clients and stakeholders to make strategic innovation work.

About InnovoGraph

Grant Millin

Grant Millin

InnovoGraph arose from the need for more people and more organizations to access modern strategic innovation practices. We are all familiar with the idea of systems and that a business, nonprofit or government entity is a system within a larger ecosystem. There are many IT enterprise solutions that have served in controlling and measuring organizations. InnovoGraph uses light, flexible technologies and knowledge to help diagram and generate workspaces that efficiently support the creation, delivery and capture of value.

IG Using Open Strategic Innovation (OSI)

Successful organizations create, deliver and capture value. Develop the qualitative side as deeply as possible… then there’s more available to quantify: the measurement of value capture.

InnovoGraph capabilities come from studies in business issues and having a sense of what is valuable and what is the causation and depending elements of positive, ethical ‘big hit’ innovation. InnovoGraph supports more responsible innovation in markets and the rest of civilization. Turning more events from out-of-control to focused strategy often involves introducing that new framework or adding a certain reflection that eventually makes all the difference.

Strategic innovation is everything, literally. InnovoGraph’s definition of strategic innovation includes the literal innovation of strategy, business model innovation, and innovation and opportunity ecosystem (IOE) development. Concepts like foresight, futures scenarios and sustainability are loaded into the InnovoGraph 3v Flow Premium focus on value creation, delivery and capture. Value capture is less likely today without a coherent ability to integrate innovation into our strategies.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your needs.

Yours Very Truly,

Grant Millin, Innovation Strategist and Owner
InnovoGraph LLC
AboutMe Page: about.me/grantmillin

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