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Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) is a system for strategic innovation. OSI for Communities (OSIC) is a system for community strategic innovation. InnovoGraph focuses on tools and technique supporting strategists. InnovoGraph supports strategists with value–amplifying strategy, innovation and design thinking capabilities.

If you were not aware of OSI or OSIC InnovoGraph would be happy to engage with your organization.

The OSIC social business platform is Podio. The first thing to do is plan to spend 30 minutes a day over three days within the next week exploring Podio and trying a few tutorials. Be prepared in that you aren’t learning a standard social media tool like Facebook, yet a major software training program isn’t needed either.

The point of OSIC to address significant challenges and generate new and renewing value. A system for strategic innovation is needed. Compared to alternatives Podio is simple and straightforward.

If InnovoGraph is supporting your project or program you only need to… first read this article all the way through, then:

1a. Sign up for a free Podio account.

1b. To join a pre-designed OSI on Podio workspace, send Grant Millin at InnovoGraph an email to join. My email is: ceo [at] innovograph.com.

1c. You will not be asked for a credit card. Create a password and you’ll be in a free account version of Podio.

2. Skip instructions on building apps when setting up your Podio account. The OSI workspace you’ve been invited to has apps and you’ll be directed to a custom OSI tutorial created by InnovoGraph as well as other Podio resources.

3. Be willing to use your existing skills like use of Facebook and creating Microsoft Office files (including Outlook emails) to do more, better and faster on the Podio social business platform.

Podio is basically like Facebook with the qualities covered in Accenture’s white paper on policies for developing enterprise apps… However there’s a free version of Podio.

The cost and trouble of developing apps is not present because computer programers and web designers are not needed.

The Accenture findings are valuable in terms of pointing out productivity using social business tools deserve organization/community collaboration principles.  And in indicating the expense and trouble corporations go to amplify productivity, innovation and give talent great tools.

Podio is about creative, collaborative productivity and the skills are about being patient and having a willingness to do work in a modern way. Community development technique can now access technologies and productivity once available only to major multinational corporations. Podio is an example of the Future of Work and our community members and leaders can now better collaborate with these tools. What helps is many individuals and organizations picking the same tool. InnovoGraph recommends Podio on several points such as cost, flexibility and reliability.

While its great some folks have the skills to write computer code for mobile app development, the app builder in Podio is ‘drag and drop’ from a menu. While economic development authorities and educators may find using the Podio app builder is a great way to start teaching computer programming at a basic level in terms of designing apps, for most OSIC participants advanced level.

OSIC offers a good strategic innovation workspace template ready for users and InnovoGraph is available to support teams.  Online OSIC collaboration takes place on Podio. Podio offers a great mobile version, again the same OSIC apps and workspace work on your smartphones and tablets.

OSI on Podio Home Page

Podio Home ScreenClick on image for larger view

OSI on Podio Team Workspace Page

Podio Project Home Activity PageClick on image for larger view

Creating App Forms

OSI App Forms
Click on image for larger view

Feel free to engage InnovoGraph and arrange an InnovoGraph Connected Strategists and the Future of Work event to cover applications of OSI tailored for your organization and community needs.

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