As of February 13, 2016, Podio v 5.1 is among the Top Ten

I have been a Podio user since 2010. Over the past few years Podio has grown into one of the best ‘Future of Work’ platforms accessible outside large budget enterprises.

My Master of Project Management thesis covered innovation platforms. Both technically, economically, and strategically Citrix Podio is among the Top Ten mobile and desktop productivity choices available. Guaranteed.

Podio scales from 1-2 simple personal need apps you can load from the Podio App Market (there’s a large library of ‘prefab’) choices, to the more robust innovation platform I created with a range of custom Podio apps. There’s a free account option to get started.

Low Apple App Store rankings assigned to Podio may not be based on valid tests. It’s true organizations looking to get the most value from Podio will benefit from a guide who is experienced. Otherwise Podio is like anything else: an investment of time and focus is needed to get your expectations exceeded.

I do not work for Podio, but Podio is a superior tool for businesses… and for doing things like empowering communities and government together in solving our sustainability challenges.

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