Swannanoa 2025

This is an InnovoGraph demonstration. No government agencies support this approach to civic engagement as on April 11, 2016.

Welcome to the Swannanoa 2025 community leadership Open Strategic Innovation tournament. Add your strategic input.

Swannanoa is a key link in amplifying the economy in eastern Buncombe County, and could be a major strategic asset. What’s happening in Swannanoa?

Beacon Manufacturing Company, a source of jobs in years past burnt to the ground there in 2003. One of two US Cold War commercial BZ plants and a former UN Chemical Weapons Convention designated production facility—owned by Celenese and later Northrop (now NorthropGrumman) and finally the Halliburton Company—was designated a Superfund site there in 1989. Swannanoa is also home to one of America’s oldest environmental and social welfare colleges, Warren Wilson College.

If incorporation is controversial, how do people living in zip code 28778 seek out representation in government? Does a lack of political pull affect outcomes at the Chemtronics Superfund and former Beacon Manufacturing Company sites? If there was a way to take advantage of a Charlotte-Asheville passenger rail stop in downtown Swannanoa, who would take ahold of that opportunity? Friends and Neighbors of Swannanoa (FANS) and Swannanoa Business Association are great resources for that key portion of the East Buncombe/US 70 Corridor economic development and sustainability program, but what’s going on in East Buncombe in any case?

Let’s learn more about East Buncombe starting with the Swannanoa 2025 Starting Point Ideas leading to a development and governing strategy for Swannanoa that includes a set of actions between now and 2025 leading to significant contribution to a more prosperous and sustainable Buncombe County and North Carolina.

Please share your ideas for strategies, projects and just plain ideas to improve conditions in Swannanoa, NC. You input is going to an online engagement workspace. Next you will be invited to go into the workspace and organize your strategy, project(s) and/or ideas. InnovoGraph owner and innovation strategist Grant Millin shared his Starting Point Ideas in this blog post. They are detailed in the Swannanoa 2025 Sustain NC workspace.

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This Swannanoa 2025 innovation tournament is on-going. The only prize are solutions that transform the Chemtronics Superfund and former Beacon Manufacturing sites into positive contributions for the people of Buncombe County. There’s no upfront financial reward, but management consultant Grant Millin, owner of InnovoGraph LLC and innovation strategist, will work with you and other Swannanoa 2025 supporters.

Swannanoa 2025 is just one of many possible strategic innovation challenges for the people of North Carolina. The NC IOE simply allows for greater public management as we transform challenges into positive, ethical results.

There’s no limit to how many web forms you can submit here, but once you send in the first web form (Strategic Activity, Project and/or Idea) you will be invited into the workspace. We will work with you and your input in either case, submit and web form, and join the Swannanoa 2025 Open Strategic Innovation for Communities (OSIC) workspace… or just submit your input here. You will be given credit should a participant want to talk to you about implementing your idea. But that means you need to add your name and contact info.

No anonymous submissions are allowed.

Swannanoa 2025: Leadership OSI Tournament Policies



Using Open Strategic Innovation

Choose a format for engaging on Swannanoa issues among the following three web forms. Your input may be complex. We are ready to work with a lot of data, but please help us work with you by designing your input. Design can mean designing a new car, an art piece or a widget. But design is also to plan. Strategy, design and the resulting innovation all work together, usually in phases.

Start with the Strategic Activity web form and work with the strategy questions. Your strategy may include one or more projects and ideas (see web forms 2 and 3). You may come back later and add more. We will link all your submissions together in OSI on Podio.

Once you make your submission(s) we will email you letting you know where your submission(s) are in this online (cloud) Enterprise 2.0 innovation tournament workspace. We are offering prizes, but rather a way for your input to get recognized and included in local, state and national (maybe international!) policy making. Maybe your input is needed by a business or nonprofit. Maybe your input leads to you leading your own initiative or organization.

You can write out your solution (or design… or innovation) as a Word document and just attach that to any of the following forms. The web form fields are helpful in reviewers being able to sort input from many Swannanoa 2025 OSI participants and looking for strategic ‘mashups’ and policy innovation hacks…. with you included in the process, if you include your contact information and are willing to learn about OSI.
Using your mouse or trackpad to hover over each text field will result in a yellow popup with some basic instructions.


Web form 1: Strategic Activity

A strategic activity identifies a challenge, diagnoses the solution, and then form policies around the strategy, brand campaign, education effort, etc. It all starts with saying what your strategy is.

Submit your Strategy


Web form 2: Project Idea

A project is a case where there’s a defined beginning, middle and end.  It may be a request to local leaders to hold a community meeting in your neighborhood or something else… getting help with a Swannanoa economic developmemt design issue. In the workspace you will learn how to easily add tasks and build up the project.

Submit your Project


Web form 3: Just an Idea

We’ll let you define your idea however you wish.

Submit your Idea


Additional instructions

More instruction articles, sample text, web links, etc. go here. TBD