Strategic Innovation Services

Strategic innovation: the creation and modifications to strategies, business models and innovation ecosystems.

Strategic innovation includes the literal innovation of our individual, organization and community strategies. The business system is redesigned or some incremental change or new adjacency is identified and made useful as part of the model at hand. The business system (or management system) includes the outside world.

Rather than just thinking of markets and marketing management (very important), we now call the value system around us as individuals, our organizations and our communities ‘ecosystems’. This better reflects the necessity to consider external relationships as much as the complexity marketing management cannot contain.

InnovoGraph strategic innovation services include:

  • Strategy review and analysis
  • Strategist training and mentoring
  • Business model innovation
  • Innovation ecosystem analysis and development
  • Strategist capabilities development and training
  • Innovator capabilities and training
  • Innovation program analysis and development
  • Innovation tournaments
  • Idea campaigns and management

One of the big untapped areas of strategic innovation today would be service innovation. While InnovoGraph is ready to dial down on product development issues, InnovoGraph supports looking at the innovation process, business model, ecosystem and strategy surrounding the client product and/product line.

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