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InnovoGraph Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) is the coordinating system and ‘design thinking place’ for strategy issues. The benefits of strategy, business model innovation, and innovation ecosystem development depend on management system areas like talent, marketing, partnering, new acquisitions, finance, idea and deal flow, design and general operational capabilities. Doing all this in a competitive fashion that still fosters collaboration means a more powerful value creativity, delivery and capture chain.

OSI is one common platform that allows the difference between conversation, hypothesis, and truth to appear with greater ease. A deeper, more coherent set of best actions to commit at speed forms in the same space enhancing institutional memory stickiness. OSI avoids rework through better collaboration and expands value though tighter business system calibration.

InnovoGraph OSI brings forward our challenges, unmet needs and jobs-to-be-done for innovation treatment.

InnovoGraph and our clients then co-create the solution, ideally in an ever-expanding, vibrant innovation and opportunity ecosystem (IOE). So OSI is a platform for micro focused projects and generating strategic wisdom. IOEs are the overall space made up of individuals, organizations, resources and factors for experimenting with and eventually deploying new and renewing value generated in the OSI innovation engine.

OSI aids in generating startup thinking and innovation options while giving innovation leaders, funders and economic development authorities a powerful system of verifying progress and understanding time to success. OSI is for existing businesses, nonprofit and government agencies seeking new and renewing intraprenuership activities and business model innovations. OSI means engaging on a Future of Work social project and knowledge management media. OSI means new skills as well as innovation results.

InnovoGraph OSI uses strategy, business model innovation and innovation and opportunity ecosystem development to structure strategic innovations. Strategic innovation is the capability for change that makes innovation strategies—say for new products—a faster, more effective and efficient prospect. Since products are not the only need for civilization today, InnovoGraph is focused on an array of targeted and chain link strategies that currently improve the condition of its clients and their stakeholders. InnovoGraph recommends service innovation as a suggested area for value.

OSI includes an social project and knowledge management Enterprise 2.0 platform. Along with an ‘intra’ blog and wiki, the basic OSI workspace provides social project and knowledge management capabilities as well as idea management. OSI facilitates integrated external engagement (IEE) and activities such as idea campaigns and open (crowdsource) development of key strategies.

The basic skills required to use the OSI Enterprise 2.0 solution, Podio, are:

  • Light Facebook experience
  • Simple Microsoft Office experience including creating and saving a file
  • Decent Internet connection and personal computer or Internet-capable device
  • Motivation: OSI and IOE users should be prepared to work on ideas, develop strategies and projects.

Whether the case is a new website or new product development, have an online value shop and project management office like OSI of your own let’s you keep track of the initiative. Many service providers are using terms like ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ to describe their innovation processes. Project management is both agile and lean.

Download IG OSI and IOE User’s Guide PDF

There are a several core project and programming capability areas recommended by the Project Management Institute. Any innovation process should be able to cope with these knowledge areas:

  • Integration Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stakeholder Management

These knowledge areas relate to five central process groups and their many sub-processes:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

Not all of these processes apply to every project and/or program strategy, but without recognizing process options… a strategy may have many blind spots and be more a set of assumptions. OSI reveals the strategy and the process. Along with Podio and MindJet InnovoGraph can analyze projects using Microsoft Project. The OSI capability balances experimentation with analysis.

Working with a firm like InnovoGraph that offers an innovation management capability is different from working with a charismatic idea entrepreneurship firm. InnovoGraph shares strategic innovation capabilities and co-creates value futures with audacious, insightful program and service design. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work.

There are specific processes for management topics like marketing management. There are marketing and technical specialists. InnovoGraph assists at the front end of innovation to help discern what a new or renewing strategy really needs. Whether it’s specialist, market, theory or process the client wishes to develop, InnovoGraph can co-create the solution.


The North Carolina Innovation and Opportunity Ecosystem (IOE) is an example of OSI at scale.

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