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One management consulting definition simply states that the consultant improves the condition of clients. InnovoGraph improves the client condition with both an social business process, Open Strategic Innovation (OSI), and content to load into that process. The InnovoGraph engagement experience includes a speed capability to achieve the OSI Flow Premium.

Using Open Strategic Innovation (OSI)

The three simple yet critical points of innovation revolve around the value of the innovation. To attain new and renewing value (innovation), a capability to create, deliver and capture value is necessary. The three create, deliver and capture elements of valuable innovation can be represented as 3V. An idea may be creative, but if there isn’t a competitive delivery capability, then the entire innovation capability has flaws. At the same time the first element of creativity is needed to capture value in the form of a profitable individual, enterprise or community that can do innovation again and again as needed and desired.

The capability of a value creation, delivery and capture engine inside our organizations—or an engine for personal and professional development—is the basic capability for solving great challenges. If the target is a new product and/or service offering for commercial purposes, then InnovoGraph supports the co-creation of the strategy, business model and innovation ecosystem context for the initial commercial goal.

The client organization and challenges are reviewed. Historical and current state data is loaded into the client’s strategic innovation cloud workspace and visual management system.


Strategy can be what happens to you, your organization and your community versus being something that belongs to you—that was shaped by your mind and hands—and represents responsible performance. Human strategy and innovations significantly form the future, more than any natural event. ‘Futures’ are the factors and events resulting from today’s strategy.

InnovoGraph creates the space that asks how good the organization and its talent is at innovation. InnovoGraph causes decisions to be made as to when and whether the innovation will occur given the initial factors at hand in any case. InnovoGraph offers a package of ideas, knowledge, process and human will to innovate and an innovation mindset. InnovoGraph innovates as a consultancy by reducing the adoption costs of the OSI approach to work with more great individuals, organizations and communities.

Innovation is no longer a situation solely for IT workers to handle. New and renewing strategies as well as talent strategist capabilities. The ability to work business model innovations. The restoring possibilities of innovation and opportunity ecosystems for organizations, communities and regions. These are the new frames of strategic innovation InnovoGraph delivers to clients using the OSI program and project support system.


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