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“In a world that is changing rapidly and in unpredictable ways, strategic innovation becomes vital to adapt to change.” – Financial Times

InnovoGraph supports strategists with value-amplifying strategy, innovation and design capabilities.

Organizations of scale—even communities—grapple with a mix of complexity, effective strategy search, missing innovation supports, and talent potential loses. Wiping out greater wisdom and key activities due to poor engagement and absence of a solid, amplifying strategic innovation capability is too easy.

Consultants should be able to support results in two areas: strategy and innovation. InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work. InnovoGraph’s Open Strategic Innovation (OSI) approach is a system for strategic innovation. We are all struggling with data, information, knowledge acquisition for greater understand and wisdom (DIKUW) to make the mission happen. What is needed is a flexible, customizable strategic innovation backbone. InnovoGraph uses Citrix Podio for such a platform in a unique, powerful OSI configuration online workspace that can easily be modified for special internal and external stakeholder needs if necessary.

It can be a challenge to upgrade our strategy and innovation skills when such practices are not part of most education programs and a vast range of definitions exist among individuals and organizations. The subject of tools is important in order to do more, better, and faster when it comes to strategic innovation. At the same time there are multitude offers. InnovoGraph is a Asheville, North Carolina business so we appreciate being hired by individuals and organizations also working here in the state or who may be in other parts of America. InnovoGraph isn’t selling it’s own software, merely using some low adoption cost applications to make strategic innovation happen.

To see some OSIC alternatives and establish an evaluation starting point, by all means take a look at the NCSU Institute for Emerging Issues online Commons and an alternative to Podio called Trello. Of course InnovoGraph capabilities are not just about the use of information and communications technologies. For example Grant Millin has a certification as a charrette leader from the National Charrette Institute.

OSI Flow

OSI Flow Graph

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InnovoGraph’s methods add up to the profound difference between mostly conversation about strategy and innovation… or actual strategic innovation leading to workable ideas, optimized talent energy, growth or renewal. InnovoGraph is about supporting strategists in getting organized to do strategy and innovation with a visual management system and social business platform.

OSI MindJet-Podio Details

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More informationOSI on Podio Basics

InnovoGraph OSI video

InnovoGraph clients are left with the engagement solution and an interactive, true ‘living document’ with solution breakdown. The strategic, innovation and/or business plans—as well as component ideas with business cases—are available in this new Connected Strategist environment.

InnovoGraph supports these strategists—leaders, stakeholders, managers, and staff—as we develop value offers capturing greater options. The InnovoGraph approach enhances existing client methods by establishing a frontend ‘design thinking place’ for more powerful strategy and innovation outcomes.

InnovoGraph makes strategic innovation work. InnovoGraph uses current research and tools to co-create new and renewing business models, develop innovation and opportunity ecosystems, and support you in the connected strategist learning path.

Strategic innovation means the majority of our organization isn’t just the product made and services that deliver results. Creating, delivering and capturing value–or the key elements of strategic innovation–also means keeping the ideal vision moving forward while optimizing the talent and internal-external business ecosystem that delivers the product and service. Social business means project management with a social media functionality. A visual management system is more than mind-mapping to brainstorm.

OSI gives visibility to simple organization rules, lessons learned, strategy and innovation practices, plans and projects. Talent on boarding is accelerated and more coherent. There are multiple options for education and greater engagement between you and your customers or stakeholders.

OSI on MindJet Strategy Map

Universal Strategy and Innovation Elements

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Innovation support systems like the InnovoGraph OSI and IOE (innovation and opportunity ecosystem) approach build around people and their ideas and their challenge. Not every solution is an app. Not every solution starts and ends with technology. Technology is about tools.

Entrepreneurs, business and nonprofit executives, government leaders and their teams are strategists. InnovoGraph is about supporting the strategist doing strategy and innovation with skill and great tools at hand. This McKinsey & Company interview with Hertz CEO Mark Frissora does a good job at covering how successful strategists are thinking about strategy today, and some of how its being done.

But what’s best for you and your organization? What are you and your team willing to do and learn to be sector leaders?

InnovoGraph’s OSI approach is your value generation makerspace and project management office using a visual management system and social business platform.

OSI on MindJet and Podio

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InnovoGraph uses two general purpose technologies for strategy and business model innovation, designing IOEs, network backbone relationships, and for other innovation support and general management system needs: MindJet and Podio.

The OSI approach creates a value-amplifying, low adoption cost solution to strategic innovation and engaging stakeholders. The InnovoGraph approach can be customized to client needs in terms of using MindJet and Podio, or starting with more conventional media.

  • OSI + Management Consulting
    One management consulting definition simply states that the consultant improves the condition of clients. InnovoGraph improves...


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  • Innovation programming
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  • Pre-incubator and entrepreneurial development programming

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